Lung cancer


Small Cell Lung Cancer Staging

Limited stage

  1. tumor confined to the hemithorax of origin,

  2. the mediastinum, and

  3. the supraclavicular nodes,

  4. which can be encompassed within a "tolerable" radiotherapy port.

Differences arise in the classification of patients with pleural effusion, massive pulmonary tumor, and contralateral supraclavicular nodes.

Extensive stage

  1. tumor too widespread to be included within the definition of limited stage disease.

(Veterans Administration Lung Cancer Study Group

Staging procedures for small cell cancer

  1. bone marrow examination (trephine),

  2. computed tomographic or magnetic resonance imaging scans of the brain,

  3. computerized tomographic scans of the chest and the abdomen, and

  4. radionuclide bone scans.

  5. (If surgery is to be considered, mediastinoscopy is mandatory)