Thoracoscopy (VATS)


Thoracoscopic pleurodesis, sympathectomy or lung biopsy

  1. FBP - within last month unless intervening illness

  2. U&E - within last month unless intervening illness

  3. CXR - should be within last 24 hours

  4. ECG - within last month (unless < 40 years)

Clexane is usually not required for most thoracoscopic procedures. Any excess oozing during the case will affect the performance of the camera system and will compromise the ability to perform the procedure using VATS. Conversion to thoracotomy is more likely. If the patient has extensive disease, poor mobility or other high risk factors discuss with senior staff. TED stockings and SCD devices may tide the patient over the operation with Clexane being introduced postop.

Thoracoscopic lung resection (VATS wedge, lobectomy, pneumonectomy)

  1. as for open lung resection (see above)